Conference 2017 Results

The Guild of Taxidermy Conference Competitions 

Breakthrough Judges Choice

Red Tailed Laughing Thrush
Jack Fishwick

Peoples Choice

Spaniel <br>Colin Scott
Colin Scott

Bird Professional Winners

Mammal Professional Winners

Game Head Professional Winners

Fish Professional Winners

Winners Theme - Camouflage

False Eyed Frog
Derek Frampton

Winners Cased

Ring-tailed Lemur
Will Hayes

Winners Cased Theme Groundwork

Ibex Fawn
Martin Berndt

Master Taxidermy Credits

Standard Credits

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Amature taxidermy Winners

Best Amateur Mount

Rook <br> Pernille Lindberg Stenby
Pernille Lindberg Stenby

Elliott Trophy - Most Improved

Martin Bourne

Amature Bird Winners

Amature Mammal Winners

Amature Game Head Winners

Other items from the show that did not achieve any award

Credits awarded to members

Higher Credits

Cocker Spaniel - Colin Scott
Red Tailed Laughing Thrush - Jack Fishwick Song Thrush - Jack Fishwick
Song Thrush - Jack Fishwick
Lilac Breasted Roller - Jack Fishwick
Grey headed Kingfisher - Jack Fishwick Golden Toad - Jack Fishwick
Grayling - Jack Fishwick
Brown Trout - peter Scott

Standard Credits

Ibex Fawn - Martin Berndt
Highland Cow - Dave hollingworth
Ring Tailed Lemur - Will hales
Little Owl - Emilie Woodford
Electus parrot - Emilie Woodford
Long Eared Owl - Donal Mulcahy
Mallard drake - Donal Mulcahy
Rook - pernille Lindberg Stenby
Common Frog - Drew Bain
Two Toed Sloth (Skeleton) - Arran Woodford Amur
Leopard (Skeleton) - Luke Williams
Blue Breasted Kingfisher (Skeleton) - Enea Leonardo Conte

Prize awards for Conference

Best of Show

Cocker Spaniel – Colin Scott

Best Amateur Mount

Rook – pernille Lindberg Stenby

Wagstaffe Trophy - Best Cased Item Ring-tailed Lemur – Will hayes

Norfolk Trophy - Best Groundwork Ibex Fawn – Martin Berndt

Elliott Trophy - Most Improved Martin Bourne

Breakthrough Judges’ Choice

Red-tailed Laughing Thrush – Jack Fishwick

Themed Competition

False Eyed Frog - Derek Frampton

Bird - professional

1st: Red-tailed Laughing Thrush – Jack Fishwick 2nd: Lilac-breasted Roller - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Song Thrush - Jack Fishwick

Mammal - professional

1st: Ring-tailed Lemur – Will hales 1st: Cocker Spaniel – Colin Scott 3rd: Ibex Fawn – Martin Berndt

Game head - professional

1st: highland Cow - David hollingworth

Fish/Reptile - professional

1st: Grayling - Jack Fishwick 2nd: Brown Trout - peter Scott 3rd: Frog - Drew Bain

Bird - Amateur

1st: Rook – pernille Lindberg Stenby 2nd: R/n pheasant - Stephen McIntyre 3rd: peregrine - nigel Barton

Mammal - Amateur

1st: puppy - Martin Bourne 2nd: Kitten - Tam powell 3rd: Fox - Michael Dunne

Game head - Amateur

1st: Dog head - Martin Bourne

if you note a credit listing is incorrect please visit the guilds website and follow the links to the credit member status where you can fill out a request form to change the credit listing.

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